Implant Crowns

Implant Crowns in St. Catharines, ON

Implant crowns in St. Catharines, ON, are an excellent teeth replacement choice for patients seeking stability and superior aesthetics after tooth loss. The placement of an implant crown usually marks the end of the dental implant restoration process. When fitted over a tooth implant, a custom crown looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth.
Girardi Dental provides dental implants in St. Catharines, ON, for patients interested in permanent dental restoration. You can get implant crowns if you’ve lost a single tooth or several teeth. Our dentists near you carefully tailor the treatment process to respond to your needs and expectations.

The Treatment Process

Dental crowns may be manufactured from various materials, including gold, porcelain, ceramic and metal alloys. Patients often consider their personal taste, budget restrictions and aesthetic appeal, among others, when choosing their preferred material. Our dentists in St. Catharines, ON, will guide you accordingly when making your choice.

Besides the materials, implant crowns are also differentiated by their placement or attachment technique. Here at Girardi Dental, we offer cement-retained and screw-retained implant crowns.

Cement-retained implant crowns near you are attached to the abutment or connector post using dental cement. In contrast, screw-retained implant crowns are supported by a lingual and occlusal screw. Our dentists will advise you regarding the various pros and cons of each type of implant crowns.

To receive implant crowns, you’ll need to undergo dental implant surgery and a period of healing and osseointegration. Once the artificial root has fully fused to the bone, the dentists attach the connector posts and finally the implant crowns.

Benefits of Dental Implants

If you’ve recently lost your teeth, you may feel as if you’ll never go back to your old normal again. If you’re struggling to smile after tooth loss, dental implants can save the day. Not only do implants look like natural teeth, they feel and function the same way too.

Some key advantages of dental implants include:

  • Excellent stability
  • They keep the jawbone stimulated and prevent bone atrophy
  • Implants are easy to care for
  • Implants restore your chewing and speaking ability

Are you keen to find a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth? Get in touch with Girardi Dental today to discuss implant crowns in St. Catharines, ON.

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