Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery in St. Catharines, ON

Gum surgery is an outpatient, dental surgical procedure that aims at rebuilding gum tissue, usually after periodontal disease. Periodontitis, also gum disease or periodontal disease, is a severe infection of the gums triggered by an accumulation of plaque and tartar in the oral cavity.

Plaque is a sticky material that forms as a by-product of bacterial activity in the mouth. When left to accumulate, plaque has severe consequences, including cavities, gum disease and, eventually, tooth loss.

Here at Girardi Dental, we explore various conservative treatment options before recommending surgery. We’ll only suggest surgical procedures if it’s in your best interest.

When Is Gum Surgery Required?

You may be a qualified candidate for gum surgery in St. Catharines, ON if you have advanced periodontal disease that has significantly damaged your gum tissues. In this case, our dentists near you may recommend gum surgery to rebuild your tissues and prevent further infection.

Gum surgery may also be performed for cosmetic purposes. Usually, people with an excessive gingival display or gummy smiles opt for gum surgery to improve their smile aesthetics.

There are various types of gum surgery near you, including gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, gum graft and gum regeneration. While the techniques used in these surgeries vary, the overarching objectives are to rebuild damaged tissue and restore your oral well-being.

What to Expect

After a thorough assessment, our dentists in St. Catharines, ON, will determine the surgery best suited for you, considering the severity and location of tissue damage.

Gum disease patients typically undergo non-invasive first-line treatments, known as non-surgical periodontal therapy or scaling and root planing, before surgery is explored. These procedures are aimed at eliminating periodontal pockets and facilitating the tooth roots’ re-attachment.

On the day of your gum surgery, our dentists first clean your teeth thoroughly to remove all signs of plaque, tartar, food debris and harmful microflora. Next, the dentist administers appropriate anesthesia, after which the necessary surgery is performed.

After completing the surgery, the dentist issues you with after-care instructions to help you heal and recover. We’ll keep an eye on you over several weeks to monitor your progress.

If you have damaged gum tissue, you may need gum surgery in St. Catharines, ON, to restore your oral health. Reach out to Girardi Dental to speak to our dentists and find out the options available to you.

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