Dental Bridges

Bridges in St. Catharines, ON

Is a missing tooth causing a gapped smile? A disfigured smile often ruins our self-confidence and can result in functional problems at the same time. To learn more about our dental restorations, please call one of our skilled dentists near you.

Why Consider Getting Dental Bridges in St. Catharines, ON

Bridges have been used in dentistry for many decades, and they offer several advantages:

  • Bridges are custom-made, lightweight and comfortable.
  • They redistribute bite force and reduce strain on other teeth.
  • They enhance your natural chewing and speaking abilities.
  • Bridges prevent neighbouring teeth from moving and drifting out of position (shifting teeth can alter your smile and bite).
  • With a good standard of personal oral hygiene and home care, dental bridges near you can last for 10 to 15 years.

We provide crowns, bridges, partials and full set dentures, veneers, bonding, gum reshaping, crown lengthening and much more.

Dental Bridges Procedure at Girardi Dental

Our trained dentists in St. Catharines, ON may place a bridge if you have strong teeth on either side of the gap. If you lack healthy teeth to support the bridge, we can consider inserting implants to anchor the bridge. Implant-supported bridges offer better reliability and performance than traditional prosthetics.

A dental bridge may consist of one or artificial teeth (known as ‘pontics’) that will replace the dislodged teeth. The bridge needs two abutment teeth for support. Our dental experts will reshape, prepare and contour the two abutment or anchoring teeth to help them receive crowns. Traditional dental bridges are fabricated from a metal base fitted with porcelain crowns for a more natural finish. Patients should chew smaller morsels and softer foods until they get used to wearing the bridge.

If you need only one tooth replaced, we will place a bridge with three teeth in total: One artificial tooth plus two crowns on either side. Dental bridges fitted over implants are known as fixed bridges, and they are now the preferred restoration of choice for hundreds of patients.

Please book an appointment at Girardi Dental to transform your smile with our advanced dental care solutions.

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