In Which Situations Are Dental Bridges Superior To Dental Implants?

In Which Situations Are Dental Bridges Superior To Dental Implants?

December 1, 2022

If you miss one tooth or several and are concerned about removing dentures every night, you might consider having a permanent solution for the missing teeth. You might learn that dental implants are incredibly popular in recent times and think you must have them as permanent tooth replacement solutions.

Are you aware that dental bridges in St Catherine’s, ON, are a better replacement option for your teeth than dental implants in many cases? If you aren’t, we recommend you continue learning from this composition about the differences between implants and dental bridges and the indicators that might make you an excellent candidate for this replacement solution.

The Difference between Dental Bridges and Implants

Dental implants and traditional fixed bridges both help replace missing teeth. However, these solutions have unique benefits and downsides that need consideration.

Dental implants comprise a titanium post embedded into your jawbone, and a dental crown is eventually mounted atop the implant to function as your artificial tooth. Designing the dental crown to mimic the appearance of your natural tooth ensures it remains indistinguishable in your mouth. In addition, the placement of dental implants in healthy months and proper care ensures implants stay in your mouth for over four decades.

On the other hand, fixed dental bridges consist of several crowns. Two crowns are positioned on the accent teeth to the missing tooth gap to function as abutments, with one or more crowns fixed between function as your artificial teeth. Dental bridge placement doesn’t require surgery as implants do. Dental bridges remain suitable replacement options for two decades or longer if cared for appropriately.

Which Situations Make Dental Bridges Optimal Than Implants?

After learning about the differences between implants and fixed bridges, you might wonder which option you must consider because bridges don’t last as long as dental implants. We suggest you continue reading to learn why you might be a better candidate for dental bridges than implants to make an informed decision.

  • Health Conditions: If you have diabetes, you will likely encounter challenges with healing after dental implant placement. The slowed healing can increase the chances of wound infections in the surgical site to cause dental implant failure.
  • Periodontal Disease: If periodontal disease affects you taking steps to improve the condition of your mouth becomes essential before you can consider dental implants from the dentist near me. Gum disease makes you prone to severe dental implant infections called peri-implantitis, resulting in implant failure. You might find it challenging to eradicate gum disease because the condition doesn’t have a cure. In such situations, you might discover dental bridges are a better option than implants because bridges are not surgically embedded into your gum tissue and are less likely to become affected by gum disease.
  • Smoking: Tobacco use especially smoking, results in 20 percent of dental implant failures. Smoking restricts blood supply to the gum tissue to delay surgical healing essential after dental implant placement. However, when placing bridges, the dentists in St Catherine’s do not hurt your gum tissue by making incisions, ensuring that smoking will not affect the strength of your dental bridge.
  • Medications: Many medicines increase the chances of dental implant failure, especially if taken frequently. Dental implant failure is more common in people taking drugs to control heartburn, depression and anxiety, osteoporosis, et cetera. The medicines do not restrict you from receiving implants but make it better for you to consider dental bridges instead, especially if you take multiple medications simultaneously.

If you miss one or several teeth and consider a permanent tooth replacement solution besides dentures, we suggest using the information in this article to determine whether you satisfy your cause by getting dental implants or bridges. When you visit the dentist nearby with questions about the optimal replacement solution, they will perform a comprehensive dental exam taking x-rays of your mouth before recommending a solution that best suits your needs and helps cover the yawning gap between your teeth.

Dental implants are excellent replacement solutions for missing teeth but are unfortunately unsuitable for everyone. However, if you encounter a similar situation, you can challenge it without fear by considering dental bridges to replace your missing teeth in the above conditions.

Girardi Dental suggests dental bridges for many patients affected by oral or general health conditions as a better solution than dental implants. If you confront challenges with missing teeth and seek a permanent replacement solution scheduling a consultation with this practice helps you receive durable dental prosthetics to complement your mouth functionality and smile.

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