Can A Diabetic Person Have a Tooth Extraction?

Can A Diabetic Person Have a Tooth Extraction?

April 1, 2022

Besides increasing the risk of heart diseases and increasing blood pressure, diabetes adversely affects dental health. Because of the increased glucose levels, people with diabetes are more likely to have dry mouths and, consequently, tooth decay and cavities.

Since diabetes increases the risk of tooth decay, an extraction may be necessary to preserve your oral health. Unfortunately, diabetes interferes in the healing process, reducing the body’s ability to form a blood clot. Therefore, a tooth extraction procedure for people with diabetes is quite unsafe.

This article discusses when a tooth extraction in St. Catherines, ON, is safe for a person with diabetes and how to control blood sugar. Kindly read along.

How Does Diabetes Affect Dental Treatment?

High blood sugar level adversely affects the body’s ability to fight infections. The white blood cells are the body’s primary defense system against infections. However, uncontrolled diabetes weakens these cells, hindering the body from healing. Additionally, diabetes increases the risk of oral health diseases, including gingivitis, tooth decay, periodontitis, and thrush.

Another way diabetes affects dental treatment is that it increases the sugar level in saliva. Bacteria love feasting on sugar, converting the sugar into acid. This acid is tooth-damaging, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Furthermore, high blood sugar levels interfere with wound healing. Therefore, without controlling blood sugar, the body may produce cytokines. Cytokines are harmful proteins blocking growth proteins and slowing the healing of wounds. In addition, because diabetes affects the body’s ability for blood clotting, people with diabetes have delayed healing.

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Is Tooth Extraction Safe for Diabetics?

Because there is a threshold limit for blood sugar levels, tooth extraction is difficult for people with diabetes at a dental office near you. As a person with diabetes, the body has a slower response to healing. In addition, during a tooth extraction procedure, the dentist has to open up your gums, increasing the risk of developing infections.

Tooth extraction in St. Catherines, ON, is only safe for diabetics when the blood sugar level is controlled. Therefore, taking medications that control your blood sugar makes the procedure safer. It is essential to take such medications before and after the process. Otherwise, you may develop a dry socket, which is painful.

Furthermore, tooth extraction for diabetic patients that are also hypertensive is risky. The procedure may result in complications. Therefore, a dentist in St. Catherines, ON, must carry out the procedure in controlled conditions.

Before undergoing a tooth extraction, dentists in St. Catherines, ON, recommend taking medications that control your blood sugar. However, in emergencies requiring urgent tooth extraction for someone with diabetes, a physician must be present during the procedure.

How To Control Blood Sugar

Although there is no known cure for type 2 diabetes, you can control it. Apart from medications like insulin that help control diabetes, there are natural ways of managing it.

Essentially, maintaining a healthy weight can help with diabetes control. Therefore, you should exercise more frequently. During exercise, your body uses blood sugar for muscle contraction and energy. Fortunately, you don’t have to exercise for long periods. Instead, Girardi dental recommends exercising three times a day for 10 minutes each and five times a week.

Reducing your carb intake is another natural way of controlling diabetes. A low-carb diet with portion control is ideal. Furthermore, it is best to choose whole grains over refined carbs because they help in reducing blood sugar levels

Can You Have Sugar After Tooth Extraction?

After a tooth extraction in St. Catherines, ON, it is best to eat only soft foods and liquids. You should also avoid sugar and sugary foods because they can cause further damage to your teeth


People with diabetes have a high blood sugar level which interferes with their healing. In addition, because the blood does not clot fast enough and the white blood cells cannot fight off infections, tooth extraction may not be safe for diabetics. Nevertheless, taking medications that control blood sugar levels can make a tooth extraction procedure at a dental office near you safe.

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